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The Vineyard Church has some big things planned for this fall and the Kaufman building in downtown Wheeling is part of the plan. Starting on September 9th, the Vineyard Church will be moving its Sunday morning services to the Capitol Theatre.  

We have been tight on space for some time at our current facilities, and for over a year and a half have been looking for a larger venue for our Sunday church services. After holding Easter services at the Capitol this year and seeing how fantastic the venue worked for us we started conversations with the theatre’s management about using the facility on a regular basis. The excitement on both sides was obvious and we are so blessed to be working with such a great organization and such fantastic people!

The Kaufman building is a strategic purchase for us because we will run out of space for children's programming at the Capitol before we run out of seats in the theatre. The plan is to restore and renovate the Kaufman building into a children's wonderland so as we grow we can accommodate everyone and maximize the theatre´s capacity. We will start with children's programming in spaces at the theatre and as we outgrow those spaces we will simply move kids programming across the street.  

As to the timeline on the renovations of the Kaufman building, we are still at the very beginning of that part of the project. We’ll be working with professionals to design and develop the property and plan the renovation processes and we’ll be exploring multiple use and commercial use possibilities as well. This is really exciting!  

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The way The Vineyard does church is different than what most people think of when they think of ¨church.¨  It’s more like a concert, but everything is focused on Jesus and the Bible and is designed to apply to real life and real people.  We strive to be a place where people who have given up on organized religion, or have never really been exposed to church, can come and find a relationship with God and learn to follow Jesus. The Capitol is the perfect place to do what we do and now we have room to continue to grow and reach and serve our community.

In conversations with civic leaders there has been enthusiastic support for the move.  Everyone seems to understand that putting that many people in downtown on a Sunday will be great for the downtown renaissance and especially good for restaurants.   

We plan to keep our existing building on Warden Run Road and use it for offices, weekday programming, youth programming, and logistics. Our youth group will be moving to the auditorium at our building, as they have outgrown our youth room.    

Over the summer we will continue to meet at our campus on Warden Run Road and at Marquee Cinemas at the Highlands. There is a lot of work to do to get ready for the move and we will be making preparations over the coming weeks. On September 9th we will start services at the Capitol with a Grand Opening on September 30th. We can´t wait - the best is yet to come!

Chris Figaretti

Lead Pastor


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