welcome home


Matthew 28:19

Church at Home is for everyone, anywhere. It's gathering together with friends and family, in your home or on your patio, to watch weekly services. You'll connect with God through worship and grow in your relationships. Church at Home expands the kingdom of God, throughout our valley, the state, and around the country.


You can play a part in providing an impactful experience for your family and friends by hosting Church at Home. 

Who can host?

Anyone who plans to enjoy the service from home can be a host. Invite a friend or two to your home to watch the service.

What does a host do?

A host opens their home, invites family and friends to join them, and plays the service. 

When does Church at Home happen?

We hope most will gather Sunday morning; however, Church at Home can happen on whatever day and whatever time works best for you.

How do I become a host?

Complete and submit the Church at Home host form. You'll be able to attend an orientation, be invited to attend (but not required) a live recording of the service, and be in contact with your Church at Home mentor.



I'm not ready to host, can I join one instead?

Due to COVID-19, we won't be coordinating Church at Home sign ups. We are encouraging you to gather with two or three others who you know and are comfortable gathering with.

What technology will I need?

You will need a streaming device such as a Roku, computer, or smartphone, to connect to your TV or a projector. If you don't have access to the internet please contact us for other options.

Is there Adventure Kids for Church at Home?

Yes! Adventure Kids content will be available with weekly activities. Each family participating in your Church at Home will need to text KIDS to
(304) 464-9244 to subscribe.

How do I tithe?

You may give online or via mail.

What's the best way to host?

Any way you want! The goal is to spend time together worshipping, growing, and connecting. Make an experience that is
best for you and your guests.

How will I stay updated?

We will communicate via email and a
private Facebook group.