Think Bigger

Jul 24, 2022    Chris Figaretti

God is always at work. In the waiting, in the moments you feel alone, in the moments you've blown it. He's always interested in you, your life, and how your relationship with Him is progressing. In "Think Bigger," Chris looks at all that can go wrong when we try our way and all that can go right when we seek Him.

1. Are you reading along with the sermon series in the book of Genesis? Do you read the Bible regularly? Why or why not? How do you think reading the Bible regularly would improve your walk with God?

2. Do you get frustrated when God takes more time than you'd like to bring something to fruition? How does Abraham's story speak to this frustration in you?

3. How do you talk with God? Do you think how you approach God hinders your ability to hear from Him?

4. Chris told us, "God calls us what we will be, not what we have been." What does this mean? Can you think of a way you have found this to be true?