Jenn Lewis

The Bible tells us that God sees and hears. So then, why does it feel like prayers go unheard? And what happens when we try to take matters into our hands? Genesis 21 looks at a story that answers those questions and reminds us of the goodness of God.

Discussion Questions:
What have you wanted that you have had to wait for or are still waiting for? Is this something you have talked with God about? Do you believe it is His will or simply your desire?

Do you believe God is good? Why or why not?

Hagar gave her son the name Ishmael, which means: God hears.
Have you ever considered that when you cry out to God sincerely, He hears you? Do you believe God hears you?

Can you differentiate between the consequences of your choices, other people’s choices that impact your life, and God acting in your life?

Do you realize you have the choice to love God or not?

Do you believe that every life is important to God?
How does this impact how you live? How does this impact how you interact with others, especially those who are very different than you?

Do you identify more with Sarah or Hagar? Why?

Do you believe, that if you’ve made mistakes, and there’s a mess as a result, God will help you clean up the mess if you ask Him?
Have you already experienced this? If so, share about this.