Identity Theft

Aug 21, 2022    Chris Figaretti

In Identity Theft, Pastor Chris shares the impact our culture has had, and the Biblical truth, about how we define our identity.

What did Chris share today that was new information to you about the history of how gender and sexual confusion have entered our culture?

Have you ever felt that something you struggle with in trying to follow Christ is unfair? Is it a new idea that God doesn't promise fairness — but He does promise to walk with you through any struggle if you choose to follow Him?

Chris asked: Is your identity what you feel or who God says you are?
How do you answer this? If you know someone struggling with sexual confusion, how can you treat them and speak to them with God's love?

Do you tend to listen to the news and social media and go along with whatever the culture tells us, or do you take what the culture says and check it with God's word and discern the truth based on God's instruction?

Maybe you don't struggle with sexual or gender confusion. In what arena of life do you struggle to follow Jesus? Can you see how this puts us all in the same place with God?