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Something inside you just might be part of God's plans to change the world around you. Because of how much we believe this, at The Vineyard there are serving opportunities to fit your talents.

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Remember, the Church is a bunch of ordinary, but very different people. Look through the profiles below to find a serving opportunity that fits you. Find the one you most identify with, then tap "Learn More" to start the process.


Are you a superhero who saves the day without the fanfare? You might be a Behind-The-Scenes Hero. The Hero knows every detail matters because every person matters.


Do you enjoy deeper conversations but not with tons of people? Our Expert Tour Guide is all about connecting people with their next steps in one-on-one conversations.


Are kids the life of the party? Do you love hearing what they have to say? Can you build a block tower, learn a crazy dance, or play video games? The Kid at Heart wakes up excited about creating an environment were kids, students, and their parents are growing closer to each other and Jesus.


You know those people who make you feel like a friend in five seconds? That's Everyone's Instant Friend. They've got next level hospitality skills and can instantly make anyone feel like gold.


Do you have creative gifts and talents like crafting or graphic design? Are you rewriting this sentence with better copy? Maybe your inner creative genius is ready to be let loose.

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